If you’ve ever been curious about Pilates but were hesitant to jump into a class, this 3-week beginner workshop is for you.

Pilates is a no-impact, efficient, fun workout that strengthens and stretches your body with every exercise. In the first session, we will go over the basic tenets of Pilates and practice foundational exercises that Pilates builds upon. In the second and third sessions, we will move into basic Pilates exercises, learn modifications, and correct breathing. The idea is to learn the correct way to do each exercise to get the most out of it.

This is a no-pressure workshop designed to make each participant feel comfortable with Pilates and begin at their current fitness level.

If you register and pay by May 22nd – $38. After May 22nd – $45. Please click ENROLL (not enroll as unpaid) to get the discount.

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