Yoga inversions (poses where your heart is higher than your head) have been called “the Fountain of Youth.” They reverse the effects of gravity, decompress the spine, improve circulation, and relieve fatigue and mental sluggishness. Most of all, they are fun and empowering!

In this workshop, you will learn poses to help prepare the body for inversions like headstand, handstand, and more. You’ll learn proper alignment and muscular engagements to help you find your balance and practice safely. Sometimes, the roadblock to inverting can be mental. So we’ll use plenty of props (including the white aerial silks you’ve seen hanging in the studio!) to help you invert with the comfort of being fully supported.

Join Michelle and Cricket, combined experience of teaching yoga for over twenty five years, for this fun, invigorating workshop!

*Even if you’ve never done an inversion before, this workshop is for you! However, some prior yoga experience is recommended.

Register and pay before June 15th – $30. After June 15th – $35.