Aerial Silks

What is Aerial Silks?

Aerial Silks began as a circus performing art. But cirque-style aerial training is now one of the fastest growing fitness trends in America. Why? Because training in the air is such a fun, unique, and addictive way to work out.  Training on aerial silks combines the flexibility of yoga, the strength of weight-lifting, and the creativity of dance with the fun of the circus!

Do you have to be really strong to try Aerial Silks?

Nope! You will be surprised at how quickly your strength builds and how fast you will be able to support your body weight, even if you have a limited fitness background. Training on aerial silks is so much fun, you’ll forget what an incredible workout your entire body is getting: from your core to your upper body…even your grip!  No workout is effective if you don’t stick with it. The beauty of training on aerial silks is that every skill you learn builds toward the next more amazing skill. So it’s highly addictive and keeps you wanting more! All skills are learned on the ground first and only taken into the air when you’re ready. Safety is our top priority.


We offer Group Classes, Private Lessons, Parties, and Open Training times:


  • View our weekly Aerial Silks class schedule here.
    • Drop-In Class: $30 Buy Now
    • 4-Class Card: $104  Buy Now
    • 8-Class Card: $184 Buy Now
    • Flight Club: $185/month for unlimited aerial silks, aerial yoga, and all standard classes on our schedule! Plus, we’ve included lots of additional perks: Learn More
    • Trial Class with your friends: $30 per person. Message our aerial instructor if you have 3 to 8 people who want to try aerial silks together, and we’ll set up a private class just for you and your friends! 


  • Our regular weekly group classes are mixed-level, 1-hour classes. We limit classes to no more than 8 participants and no more than 2 people per silk so you’ll get plenty of individualized instruction. If it’s your first time trying aerial silks, no problem! You will start by learning basic foundational skills, including different ways to hold yourself on the fabric and plenty of fun beginner aerial tricks! If you have previous aerial experience, we’ll tailor your instruction to match your skill level.  Regardless of your experience, every skill is learned from the ground first and only taken to the air when you’re ready. Safety is our first priority. No prior experience necessary. (Ages 14+)


  • This 1-hour class is for kids aged 10 to 13.  Like our adult classes, students will receive instruction tailored to match their skill and fitness level.  Skills are only taken up into the air after mastery has been demonstrated on the ground. Safety is our first priority. No previous experience necessary.


  • $65 for a single private 1-hour session: Buy Now
  • $35 per person for 2 people: Buy Now
  • $30 per person for 3 to 8 people: Buy Now (Perfect for Girls’ Night Out, Bachelorette Party, Sisterhood Event or Team Building Activity!)
  • Buy multiple private lessons and get 5 to 20% off: Buy Now
  • $250 for a 2 Hour Aerial Birthday Party or Special Event:
    • Nothing is more unique or fun than an Aerial Birthday Party or Special Event! Start with a 1 hour aerial silks lesson tailored to match each participant’s skill level (Age 10+). Then, enjoy cake (or whatever refreshments you’d like to bring in) while our aerial instructor gives a magical, jaw-dropping performance just for YOU!
      Upgrades include catering, audiovisual slideshows, and more. These upgrades are available for an additional cost. Please inquire for details.


Want more time to practice the awesome aerial skills you’re learning in class? Open Studio is offered Fridays 11:00am – 2:00pm and Sundays 11:30am – 2:30pm. For just $10, you can play to your heart’s content. Attend Open Studio for FREE as a perk of our unlimited monthly “Flight Club” membership. Note that you must be a current aerial silks student at Zenitry and follow our Open Studio Guidelines to use the aerial silks during Open Studio times. Safety is our top priority! Sign up for Open Studio.


What should I wear?

For aerial silks classes, it is best to wear close-fitting workout clothes that cover your midriff, armpits, and backs of your knees. (Nobody wants a fabric burn!)  Yoga clothes, leggings, fitted t-shirts, or leotards with footless, stirrup, or transition tights are all fine. If you wear a t-shirt, make sure you can tuck it in. Women should wear a sports bra and men should wear pants (or compression shorts under athletic shorts) as going upside down on the fabric has been known to cause wardrobe malfunctions! Please avoid wearing ALL jewelry so you don’t damage the silks or yourself. Also avoid lotions as they can make it much harder to hold on to the fabric. Bring a water bottle and be prepared to sweat!


What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is like traditional yoga practiced on a yoga mat, but with the aid of a fabric hammock. All poses are done on or near the ground with the hammock as a prop to help support the weight of the body. The hammock makes many yoga poses more accessible and can also help deepen poses, build core strength, improve balance, and enhance spinal decompression.  Aerial yoga can be restful and restorative or challenging and invigorating depending on how the hammock is used. As in any yoga class, cultivating mindfulness, slow breathing, and inner peace are emphasized. Aerial yoga can be done by almost anyone, even those with significant physical limitations. Purchase aerial yoga classes now.

Aerial Silks or Aerial Yoga?

Aerial silks and aerial yoga are very different! Aerial silks is both a dance performing art and a high-energy, athletic workout. Aerial yoga is still yoga, just with a hammock. Aerial yoga is done on or very near the ground, whereas aerial silks involves acrobatic-style movements performed high in the air.  Aerial yoga uses a fabric hammock, but in aerial silks, the fabrics form two separate “tails.” These tails are used for climbing, wrapping, rolling, dropping, and almost every kind of movement you can imagine!  If you love the creativity of dance, aerial silks also offer stunning possibilities for choreography and artistic expression. View aerial silks class schedule and View aerial yoga class schedule.

Are Aerial Silks lessons for everyone?

Almost anyone can try aerial silks. Age is not an excuse! However, there are certain scenarios where the risks can outweigh the benefits: very high or low blood pressure, vertigo, seizures, arthritis that interferes with hand gripping, pregnancy, or weight over 250 pounds. People are most successful with silks if they are carrying no more than 40 pounds of excess body weight. As with any fitness activity, if you have any health concerns, check with your health care provider before participating.

Who teaches Aerial Silks at Zenitry?

Michelle Spurlock doesn’t just teach yoga at Zenitry. She is also our Aerial Silks Program Director and Instructor. Michelle began training on aerial silks in 2010 with Caroline Calouche & Company (now the Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center). In 2013, she began training with AerialCLT and completed her teacher training there in early 2016. Check out the video below to learn more about aerial silks classes with Michelle. To stay up to date with class information, photos, and videos, follow Michelle on Instagram (@michellespurlock) or on Facebook.